Setting Goals for 2023

It that’s time again where we set goals for ourselves and if you’re like many, by March you’ve forgot all about them. But this year is different…

You’re motivated, you’re committed and this year you will be unstoppable!

What is one thing you can do today (besides read this) to get you closer to your revenue goal? I’m going to ask this question at the end and I’m hoping you’ve found an answer!

Most of the time we don’t hit our goals is because we either didn’t plan ahead accordingly OR we didn’t plan for unexpected things that always get in the way. Part of setting your goals is anticipating what may go wrong so you’re prepared to adjust and pivot as needed.

Let’s get started! (Download my worksheet to make planning your goals easy-peazy.)

Step One: Commit

Make a commitment to your goal and write down why you want to achieve this goal. Spend time really thinking on this and what it would feel like to achieve your goal. Then, allow yourself to be ALL in.

Step Two: Financial Planning

Now, let’s get to the juicy part. Write down your revenue goal for 2023. And don’t be shy! Dream big girl. I’m a numbers gal so this is where I pull our the old trusty spreadsheet and do some math. It’s likely that you don’t have just one services, so what we need to do here is estimate how much you will sell of each of your offering. If you want to start offering new services or products then list them here as well. The key to higher revenue is a variety of service methods, such as, high-ticket, done-for-you, DIY, group, membership, digital download, low-ticket, etc. The main 3 you will want to consider are:

1. high touch, high-ticket, 1:1

2. low-ticket and automated

3. something in the middle

Step Three: Back-Up Plan

Now that you know what your offerings are, how much they cost and how much you need to sell of each, why haven’t you hit this goal before? What has gotten in the way or what could get in the way? List out 10 things that could stop you from hitting your revenue goal. After you’ve done that, write down next to them the solution for these challenges.

Step Four: Break It Down

There are three parts you need to consider for this step. One is to create a project plan for product development, part two is your marketing and sales plan for hitting the numbers we set in Step Three and part three is how you will service your clients.

Step Five: Set Milestones

This step is very important! Now that you have the goal and the deadline, break your goal into 4 to 6 steps. Mark them in your calendar at the appropriate time. Keep in mind that not every step may be equal and that some may take more time than others. Now, break it down even further. What actionable items will it take to achieve the first step? What do those things look like on a daily or weekly basis? It is networking? Going for a walk? Sketching? Posting to IG? Whatever that may be, write those tasks down for each step. (Pro tip: you may not know exactly what step 4 or 5 needs but choosing something is better than nothing. You can always adjust later!)

Step Six: Put it on your Calendar

Now this is the hard part where many people fail. If you don’t have a daily planner like I’ve been mentioning (hint, hint) you NEED ONE! You have a goal. You have a deadline. Find that day in your planner and write that sucker in with a bold color and circle it! Now fill in your Steps on the days you want to achieve them. Don’t be shy, write them BIG!  Next, write down your actionable items that you can do daily or weekly to get you to each step. Be reasonable. You may want to consider finding a partner who can hold you accountable. Share your check in dates with them to stay on track.

Step Seven: Take Action & Reflect

So, what can you do today that will bring you closer to your goal?


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