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Hearts Pursuit Ranch is a visionary equine center with a focus around community and transformation. HPR specializes in trauma-informed equine-assisted coaching sessions, tailored for both individuals and teams. The core mission is to harness the therapeutic power of horses for emotional healing and leadership development. 

Sarah's initial approach to our agency was rooted in a need for clarity and branding to fuel her business growth. The specific challenges included:

Articulating the Vision: Sarah faced the difficulty of communicating her aspirations for Hearts Pursuit Ranch. She recognized the significance of creating a brand that would serve as a conduit for people to understand the profound nature of her business.

Cultivating Funding: The crux of her problem lay in securing the financial support required to realize her ambitions. To attract investors and sponsors, she needed a brand that could clearly convey her mission and the impact she aimed to achieve.

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Forging a Unifying Brand and Equine-led Healing Sanctuary. 

Our approach involved crafting a comprehensive brand strategy and identity for Hearts Pursuit Ranch that went beyond mere visuals and reached the core of the organization's purpose:

Clear Brand Strategy: We worked closely with Sarah to outline a brand strategy that succinctly conveyed what HPR was all about and how it aimed to make a positive impact on individuals and the community. This strategy was instrumental in positioning HPR as a vehicle for healing and personal development.

Inclusive Visual Identity: Sarah's vision for HPR was one of inclusivity. She wanted a brand that transcended cultural boundaries and welcomed everyone. We blended Western elements with a modern and vibrant design, ensuring that the brand had universal appeal and made everyone feel welcome.

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In addition to the brand strategy, we conducted a website overhaul to quickly get HPR up and running. The website was designed to reflect the visual language of the brand and communicate the range of services effectively. Our approach was narrow and focused, guiding visitors on how to engage with HPR. A prominent call to action led visitors to book appointments, redirecting them to the HPR calendar for quick and convenient scheduling.

A clearly articulated brand strategy propelled HPR's mission to a broader audience.
Inclusivity became a hallmark of the brand, fostering a sense of belonging for everyone.
The new website, aligned with the brand's visual identity, streamlined the process of connecting with HPR and booking appointments.

Heart's Pursuit Ranch now stands as a symbol of healing, community, and personal growth, successfully turning its unique vision into a reality.

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