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Sara's Boxes & Boards was a charcuterie company in the Midwest. Sara was getting traction with her charcuterie boards and boxes but had a larger vision in mind. When Sara approached us, she was seeking assistance to prepare for a pitch presentation to secure grant funding for a new product line: happy hour-themed gift boxes. If Sara could secure this grant, it was going to allow her to launch her new line swiftly.

We felt that a visual aid would help communicate what she was trying to accomplish, and how she would use the funds, if chosen. As part of this project, we not only recommended a professionally designed pitch presentation but also a brand refresh with a new visual language to better connect with her target audience.

Sara was facing several challenges: Sara needed a presentation for a grant application to secure funding for her innovative happy hour-themed gift boxes. Her existing brand was unrefined and did not align with her new venture, which made it difficult to attract customers to the happy hour-themed gift boxes. Her website was not effectively showcasing her offerings, and her social media presence lacked consistency. This was affecting her visibility and customer engagement. Not addressing these issues would jeopardize her business's growth.

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Our approach to Sara's project was informed by the unique nature of her challenges and the need to create a coherent brand presence: We first conducted a comprehensive brand refresh, including a new logo, color scheme, and brand identity that harmonized with her new venture while preserving elements of continuity with her original brand. Sara wanted her brand to embody the southern hospitality that she grew up with.

Next, we designed a visually striking pitch presentation that effectively conveyed Sara's vision for the happy hour-themed gift boxes. Sara did not win the grant; however, this presentation played a pivotal role in securing several bulk orders and referrals from the audience and panel following her presentation. This provided a solid proof-of-concept that enabled Sara to continue investing in her brand.

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Now that Sara was gaining traction from her new product line, she knew she needed to invest in cohesive packaging designs. Our team created custom packaging designs for the gift boxes, ensuring they were not only visually appealing but also consistent with the brand identity. We developed a design system and applied these principles to dozens of packaging designs.

The new product line prompted the need for a new website that better showcased her products and product variables, making the ordering process substantially easier for her customers. We built a user-friendly e-commerce website to effectively showcase her products and streamline the customer experience. To continue the brand experience, we developed and executed a content strategy that spanned various social media platforms, enhancing Sara's visibility, engagement, and brand presence.

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