How to Automate Your Business with Dubsado

Hi there, fellow service providers! I have something super cool to share with you that makes running my business a breeze. It’s called Dubsado!

Now, you might be wondering, “What in the world is Dubsado?” Well, let me explain. Dubsado is a special tool that helps me organize everything for my business in one place. It keeps track of my client work, contracts, invoices, and schedules.

How to Automate Your Business With Dubsado

Reduce Admin Hours

Before I found Dubsado, I was overwhelmed with lots of paperwork, emails, and things to do. But now, with Dubsado, it’s like having my own helper who takes care of all the boring tasks. That way, I can focus on what I’m really good at—helping my clients!

One of the best things about Dubsado is that I can create custom plans for each client or project. It guides me through every step, from when someone first asks about my services to when the project is finished. I can even send emails, schedule appointments, and make invoices with just a few clicks!

Speaking of invoices, Dubsado has made it so much easier for me. I can make professional-looking invoices that match my business style. And the best part is that Dubsado can remind my clients to pay, so I don’t have to keep asking them.

Streamline Communication

Dubsado is not just for organizing and automating. It also helps me communicate with my clients and keep everything in one place. I can create forms for them to fill out, like questionnaires or surveys. They can also access all their files, invoices, and project info in one spot. And guess what? Dubsado works with Google Workspace, so I can see all my client emails in one place too!

Client Journey

Dubsado helps me through every step of working with clients, like:

1. Getting information from potential clients with a form they can fill out on my website.
2. Scheduling meetings without needing extra software.
3. Creating special plans and steps for each service I offer.
4. Make proposals that include contracts and invoices. When a client says yes, they can sign the contract, and it makes the invoice too!
5. Setting up payment plans with reminders, or making it easy for clients to pay automatically.
6. Give clients their own portal. They can see their documents and payment history anytime.
7. Wrapping up with thank you emails, helpful videos or PDFs, and asking for testimonials.

Dubsado has made such a big difference in my business. It’s like having a side kick! If you’re a service provider looking to make your work easier and save time, you should definitely try Dubsado. You won’t regret it! Sign up here and save on your first year of Dubsado.



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